Joe Bruno: Day 1, 1st Run

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Nervous and excited, I was glad to wake up this morning.  For the past year I had been thinking of going on a Gazumba run and the fateful day had finally come.  It was 3rd period  and my Bears were at Sloyd.  I got taken up to the craft house and Tyler and I were ready.  This was it!

We got suited up, got into the truck and started to head down the hill.  My heart felt like it was going to explode and I couldn’t stop shaking.  Tyler seemed nervous, but not nearly as much as me.  Our first run was going to be for the Chipmunks.  They were at Jr. Arts and Crafts.  Unfortunately, also on Sloyd St. were my Bears.  Oh boy…  So Willgoos and I had a tarp over us so none could see us .  As Blake stopped the truck I popped up to check if any of  my Bears were close.  All I could see was Jordan and Josh staring into the truck as if they were looking for some sort of treasure.  Our plan was to jump out on the side facing the juniper bushes , run to the Jr. Arts and Crafts cabin, and then up the golf hill to the gator.

When we got the go ahead we jumped out of the truck directly into the Junipers and got temporarily stuck.  Willgoos went first which left even less time for me.  I barely even went to the Arts and Crafts cabin, all I could think was  RUN, RUN, RUN!!!  As I got into the gator and we drove away I started to calm down.  I realized that being a Gazumba was unlike  anything I’d done before.  I couldn’t wait to suit up again.