A clear, specific philosophy has guided our businesses for over 40 years.


“The lessons of camp outlive the games that teach them.”


The concept of “Camp” is very old and unique, and the fabric that holds it together is fun.  Throughout it is woven a series of subtle patterns that define life itself.  Campers learn to take chances despite their fears.  They find self-control in the heat of a contest.  They acquire humility and confidence when they discover that they are neither so great, nor so small as they sometimes think.  Younger campers discover that unclimbable hills can be conquered daily.  As each session begins, we all are reminded that the new faces and voices of today can be transformed into the new friends of tomorrow, if we seek to make it so.  Can it be that things such as wisdom, judgment and courage are learned from these simple exercises?  Those of us who see the magic of camp worked season after season, know the answer is yes.  It is our hope and intention that we can be an ally for parents as they shepherd their children through this process of growing up.

Over the years we have had the good fortune to serve thousands of campers and tens of thousands of swimmers.  We look forward to sharing with your child, this wonderful thing called “Camp”.


The BeVier Family

Directors and Owners