8/6/13, Ben Pelegano: “Cartoon Speed”

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By the 4th session we should have had the squirrels run down pat. Every session, we sneak down to the Chipmunk’s cabin where the Squirrels lie unsuspecting. We have two very simple rules; be silly not scary, and of course, “Don’t Get Caught”.

On this particular run, I had the go-pro a (small portable camera) attached to my head. This was one of the first runs that utilized the head strap; therefore, I was feeling a bit more rambunctious than usual. I was so amped that I almost fell backwards out of the car when we arrived at the drop off point. However, I recovered from my adrenaline fueled folly and led the approach to the cabin. From that point, everything seemed unearthly. I’ll explain. The footage from the go-pro captures me slowly opening the door of the cabin as if I were in a video game or a first person horror film. At this point in the year I had schemed with the Squirrels’ counselor to tap a camper on their head while they had their eyes closed in a state of total unawareness. Go-pro rolling, I bent over and gently patted a young Squirrel on their head while a dark figure rose from the floor and began charging the door. Unfortunately, I was unaware of the imminent attacker, and when I looked up after my sneaky pat attack, I was greeted by none other than Ryan with a look in his eyes that I hope to never see again in another human being. I quickly turned and began running up hill. I wasn’t scared, I was thrilled. I breathed new air, I felt new things, and I began living.

While I was running, flailing my arms and smiling to myself, I realized my good friend Joe was not by my side. I panned the woods line and saw he was heading for the cut through while I was heading up the road. At the exact same time, Joe looked at me, and as if he was in a cartoon his eyes shot out of his head. He hopped like a distressed bunny to cut uphill but he moved quicker than many laws of physics would allow and fell. Time froze. I looked up the hill at our extraction point and when I looked back I saw a green streak of the light approaching at an un-human pace. I’m not kidding when I say that if you see the footage of Joe running up the hill after falling; it looks as if the shot has been edited to make him appear faster. Usually we dance around and have fun with the Squirrels but Joe decided to sprint full speed to the car instead. The run didn’t result in a captured tail but many captured memories instead.