7/24/12, Tyler Willgoos: “Shooting the Gap…isn’t fun”

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First off, I’ll explain what it means to, “shoot the gap”.  It’s pretty simple, you run from the car at the side of the pool building, across the gap between the basketball courts and the dance tent.  Sounds simple, right?  Well, for whatever reason, when Joe and I do this run, we always seem to be on on the verge of catastrophe.

The first time, the Eagles under the dance tent must have seen us because we got over the ridge at the tree line and I see Blake all over this run.  About ten feet from the woods he was on Joe, but one quick move and Joe was in the clear with me flying into the woods a little to his left just seconds later.

The second close call I would say was more of a technical error on our part.  As we went over the ridge we roared way too early and Rachel got within inches of Joe (Joe always took the strangest routes) and actually touched him.  I flew into the woods again on the top left side.
Even on a simple run, poor execution can lead to disaster.  Just remember…Constant Vigilance.