7/2/13, Joe Capossela: My First Halo Jump

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First, the weather throughout session one was gloomy to say the least. Besides the first two days of the session, every subsequent day was cloudy and rainy.  Rain showers and soggy grass do not equal good gazumba running weather.  Finally, the sun came out one afternoon for more than 20 minutes and Austin came down to get me.  The plan was to fit in as many runs as possible into the afternoon.  The first two runs of the afternoon were on the main lawn.  Ben and I were in the back of the gator covered by the tarp.  Blake said “Go” and we bolted across the main lawn.  As we neared the woods, Ben did not slow down and slipped onto his back.  We pushed through the woods and got back into the truck where we were taken to cabin row.  From cabin row we were going to go up the boys trail and run to the truck which was by the ping pong tent. “Tallahassee”, which was our signal to go, came over the radio and we took off. Like the first one this run was not an issue.

My first HALO jump could not have started any more clumsily than it did.  I was supposed to be let off in between the soccer water coolers and the golf tree.  Blake was waiting on the golf hill in the gator.  Austin, Matt , and Peter were all in the truck with me.  I was feeling confident about this run even though Eagles were having Eagle Activity and the Bears were at golf.  Then the situation deteriorated in a matter of seconds. I took a quick glance at the door handle in the truck and noticed that it was locked right as we were stopping. I yelled, “Mazz, unlock the door” in a frantic voice.  At this point, the truck was stopped and the Bears, who were golfing, definitely noticed/understood what was happening, and they all were starting to head over to the truck. I finally got the door open and one leg out of the truck but my other leg was stuck on something.  I found out later that it was a cup holder.  Time seemed to freeze as I tried to pull my leg out of the truck.  I knew I was taking too long, and sure enough when I looked up, there was Ben(camper) less than 5 feet away from me.  He had that look in his eye like when a predator sees its prey stuck and defenseless.  Thankfully Joe the Bear’s counselor came alongside him and stopped him. Otherwise, I might not be standing here today.  I was able to get up the golf hill without anything else going wrong.  What I learned from today is number one, make sure doors are unlocked, and number two, make sure the floor of the truck is clear.  Hopefully, no other runs start like this.