7/18/2012, Tyler Willgoos: “I am not rectangular”

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So today was almost like a mini Gazumbathon for me.  Joe and I did a couple of runs together; jumping in front of and behind the Craft House and running across the main lawn.  Near the end, Blake had Joe go back to the Bears at Arts and Crafts, but had me stay for another special run.  In the shop there was still the large freezer box from when we got the new one… and yeah, I went under it.  But even better that that, it was pushed through the Craft House (which was full of Bears) while I was under it.  When I got to the end, Austin flipped the box, I got my bearings, roared and ran out of there.  It was so much fun, probably one of the most creative runs I did, and really showed the crazy, fun, exhilarating things we do at camp.