7/10/12, Joe Bruno: “Brett Fortin, Thank You”

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Since my first run, I couldn’t wait to do more of them.  That being said, I hadn’t had a close encounter yet.  The plan for today’s run was to shoot the gap, a.k.a. run through the cut through between the courts and the dance tent.  We needed to be really quick or we would get caught in a hairy predicament.

Once the run started I was scanning as best I could for any close campers.  About halfway through, I see Dan coming after me.  I think to myself, “oh boy, I’m going to either have to beat him to the woods or dodge him up close.  Luckily, Brett Fortin, seemingly, came out of nowhere and held Dan back.  As I looked back I could see that the other 2 Dans were really close too.

After this run I will forever be wary of anyone getting that close to the Gazumba (me).  Hopefully it never happens again.